• Obrađujemo sve vrste metala: čelik, obojene i lake metale kao i plastiku




Confirmed experts

CNC BHF Metal performs metal processing using modern equipment and the latest technical achievements in this field for serial and individual production.

We start our own production in 2014 under the name CNC N&K Tehnik Centar and in cooperation with renowned EU manufacturers in 2016 we set up 100% exporters to Germany, thus reducing experience and trust until 2019. We signed a business contract and acquisitions with Ringspan Group.

750 +

Successful orders

50 +

Satisfied customers

7 +

Years of exp.

Working hours

We are open on weekdays Monday – Friday 08-16h

We respect deadlines

We are committed to meeting the deadlines for each of your orders

Connection with clients

We are in contact and available to all our clients 24/7

We process all types of metals

Through all experiences, the company CNC BHF Metal is born, with which we offer the best product, service with top quality and delivery time for our clients.

CNC Industry

The 21st century has brought a revolution in several industries globally. Similarly, in the manufacturing industry, CNC manufacturing has completely revolutionized the industry because of its outstanding capabilities. Compared to conventional processes, modern CNC processes have enabled manufacturers to produce more complex geometries in shorter time and greater repeatability. Another aspect that increases the value of CNC machines is the fact that the cost of mass production of any prototype is significantly reduced.

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Measurement controls

In addition to the quality of workmanship, we pay special attention to measurement control in order to reduce the risk of complaints and further gain the trust of our customers.

Experience of programmers & operators

Our company employs exclusively programmers and operators with experience and licenses, which is confirmed in the end by the finished product.

The focus in our business
is an export to EU / Germany

The very fact that we managed to enter the European market says enough that something big is born from a small company.


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