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About us

CNC BHF Metal performs metal processing using modern equipment and the latest technical achievements in this field for serial and individual production.

We start our own production in 2014 under the name CNC N&K Tehnik Center and in cooperation with renowned EU manufacturers in 2016 we become 100% exporters to Germany and thus gain experience and trust to sign a business contract in 2019 and acquisitions with Ringspan Group. Metal processing is done on CNC machines according to 2D / 3D models made in CAD programs.

In addition to model development, we also offer CAD / CAM programming services. For companies that need to replenish their own resources to meet high standards, we have engineers and designers with proven experience and knowledge who can quickly integrate into your project team.

The material is mostly defined on the customer’s drawings, and if necessary, we can determine and approach the procurement and preparation of materials. We are very flexible and precise so that we can satisfy every customer by making individual and smaller serial parts from small to large dimensions, as well as precision parts of different shapes and surfaces.