• Obrađujemo sve vrste metala: čelik, obojene i lake metale kao i plastiku



CNC BHF METAL – our main activity is metal machining for individual and serial production. Here we highlight:

  • CNC turning
  • CNC milling
  • cutting (saw cutting)

Some of the operations are: scraping, drilling, threading, shredding, planing. Using the most perfect tools and machine achievements, we can answer the requirements given by the drawings, such as:

  • surface roughness
  • product accuracy
  • product circle
  • product parallelism, etc.

In addition, we have the appropriate equipment to check the quality of manufactured products.

We process all types of metals: steel, light metals and plastics. As we can do individual and serial production so we can be part of small, medium and large enterprises. We can offer a finished product, semi-finished product and service. We are able to procure all types of materials with the appropriate specifications and certificates. In addition to quality, we value time the most and therefore we are committed to respecting the agreed deadlines.

  • Scraping length 508 mm
  • Rotation 262 mm
  • X axis = 203 mm
  • Z axis = 508 mm
  • Spindle opening 60 mm
  • Revolver tool 10 VDI
  • Tailstock
  • Full C-axis
  • Chased tools
  • Engine power 15 kW
  • Weight 4.2 t
  • 4000 o/ min
Pegas Gonda 230x280
  • 762x406x508 XYZ
  • work table 914x356mm
  • SK40 main spindle
  • Haas Vector drive 20HP
  • tool changer type umbrella 20 pocket
  • CRT screen, SQ M09.xx
  • Memory 1Mb, Rs232
  • coolant tank 155 l
  • coolant pump 3/4HP
  • main spindle max. 7500 okr/min
  • GBX - Automatic gearbox 2 gear / 339NM
  • AUGER - Chip Removal System
  • P-COOL Programmable Coolant Nozzle
  • MACRO User Definable Macros
  • Rot&SC Coordinate Rotation and Scaling
  • RTAP - Rigid tapping
  • COL_VF2 - Coloring most of sheet metals / covers, VF-2
  • TS27R - Renishaw tool preseter / USED